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Bad Move? Floyd Mayweather Hints At Sleeping With Tiny (Video)



This is either great promotion, a bad move, or both. It seems Floyd Mayweather Jr‘s feud with rapper T.I. may still be in full effect. The champ has just insinuated to sleeping with the rapper’s wife, Tiny Harris, during his press conference on Friday.

While promoting his upcoming fight against Marcos Maidana, someone in the audience proceeded to ask about Floyd’s feud with the rapper yelling, “What about T.I.?”

In response to the attendee Floyd fired back, “What about the bitch? I was f***ing his bitch.”

If you all remember T.I. and Floyd nearly came to blows at a Fat Burger brawl in Vegas back in May after T.I. expressed his disdain with the champ hanging with his wife (SEE HERE).

Although Floyd initially denied anything took place between himself and Tiny and noted that she and a friend only attended his daughter’s birthday party (Read HERE), it seems, he’s now changing his tune.

But what could have caused Floyd to back paddle in his initial statements? Well, he may pissy over Tiny’s diss on the BET Awards red carpet last month. When the boxer attempted to get the singer and reality show producer’s attention, post the Fat Burger melee, Tiny ignored the champ and proceeded to walk down the red carpet.

But here’s where things may get a bit messier. T.I. has also been accused of stepping out on his wife on several occasions. Could Floyd be hinting at another woman in the mix?

Watch Floyd’s press conference below and share your thoughts.

Now watch Mayweather and Tiny’s awkward BET Award exchange, or lack there of, last month.

Our thoughts? Floyd is playing with fire.

What are your thoughts CK readers? Should Floyd have made accusations about sleeping with Tiny, and, do you believe him?



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