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RHOA Apollo Talks Feeling Abandoned By Phaedra, Divorce Next?



Recently convicted of bank and identity fraud, Apollo Nida, is now speaking out against his wife and “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reality star, Phaedra Parks, for abandoning him.

Apollo recently sat down with Atlanta radio station, B-100 to do just that while discussing his 8 year prison sentence.

According to Parks’ better half, “[she] didn’t even f***ing show up” for his sentencing.

Despite committing a crime that resulted in a prison sentence and leaving his wife and two young sons to fend for themselves, Apollo expresses his hurt for feeling left out in the cold by Parks.

To no one’s surprise, divorce rumors have begun to run rampant since Nida’s conviction and guilty plea earlier in the year.

Listen to Apollo’s interview below and share your thoughts.

What are your thoughts on the matter CK readers, should Phaedra stand by her man or exit stage left? And, is Apollo justified in feeling abandoned?

Nida was also recently spotted partying it up in an Atlanta strip despite his sentencing. He has also been ordered to pay close to $2 million in restoration for check fraud and money laundering.

Some people just never learn. Phaedra Parks come get your husband! Our hearts go out to the couple’s two young sons. They are the only ones truly defeated here.



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  • TD

    Phaedra needs to take the kids and leave. Wendy Williams said on her show that in Georgia you can get an automatic divorce if the spouse is sent prison for more than two years. Like she has said, from doing RHOA’s exposure he could have made an honest living. Put his brain to something that can be a good legacy for those children, not this bad reputation. Phaedra’s connections can help him achieve any career he works toward. I wonder how he views himself as a man going to jail again with boys that would look up to him. Someone else can be their role model since he hasn’t learned his lesson.