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New Couple Lil Wayne & Christina Milian Spotted At the ESPY Awards



Rumored new couple, rapper Lil’ Wayne and singer Christina Milian may have just confirmed they are in fact dating.

The couple were spotted together at the ESPY Awards, Wednesday night, loving very much like they are dating.

The news comes as a bit of a surprise considering Milian was recently engaged to music producer Jas Prince. The couple split about a month ago reportedly for Jas cheating on Milian.

Here’s where we’re confused. Lil’ Wayne is a known womanizer and serial dater. And, he’s also very fertile.

Could this just be a rebound romance for Christina or has she ACTUALLY convinced herself that Lil’ Wyane is a “catch.”

But here’s another reason she’s dating (entertaining) the rapper. She’s just signed a deal with his label, Young Money. Perhaps, the singer and television personality thinks dating her boss will suit her career.

Hmmmm….we’re not so sure but good luck with that Christina.

The messiest part is that Jas is said to be the one who got Christina the deal with the label in the first place.

Here’s a bit of advice Christina, call up Nivea (your other ex, The Dream’s, ex wife who also has a child with Wayne, -_-), call up actress Lauren London (one of Wayne’s baby mamas), Toya Wright (Wayne’s ex-wife) and Dhea (Wayne’s rumored on-going fiancee) and get the real tea girl before you proceed.

There’s also a fifth baby mama Wayne has out there that’s not well known but Christina girl call them all!

Here’s another shot of the couple holding hands as they entered the award ceremony.


Messy messy messy.

Thoughts? Cause I’m sure ya’ll have many.


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