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Chris Brown’s Ode To “Thots” Song



If you aren’t sure what the word “thot” means, let’s have a quick lesson in urbanomics.

A “thot”, also known as “That Hoe Over There,” “That Hoe Out There” or “Them Hoes Over There,” is pretty self explanatory, would you agree?. A woman deemed to be promiscuous or promiscuous tendencies (whatever that may be). It is also a urban-country slang term that’s become pretty popular among musicians.

So much so, Chris Brown seems to be the latest artist to join the “let’s capitalize off the thot coalition.”

The singer shared a hysterically funny Instagram video, over the weekend, sending love to all the thots out there.

Check out the video below and share your thoughts.

The singer later deleted the video.

I must admit that although I found the video funny, yet again, Chris Brown has found himself in the midst of “demeaning women” criticism. But, most importantly, where is Chris Brown’s PR team? Thots are the last thing he should be concerned with.


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