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Angie Martinez Hot 97 Exit Fuels War Between Funk Flex & DJ Envy



It’s the war between two New York radio stations, Hot 97 versus Power 105.1! These two stations have been feuding for years. Just a little background, in case you’re not familiar, there was a time when Hot 97 was the number 1 New York radio station on air, that was until, Power 105.1 gained momentum and surpassed them a few years ago. One of those reasons may have been Power’s 105’s The Breakfast Club with Angela Yee, DJ Envy and Charlamagne Tha God. The feud was reignited, once again, following news that Hot 97’s beloved radio personality and veteran, Angie Martinez, was leaving the station to join Power 105 earlier this week. Although Martinez has kept things classy, we can’t say the same about rival DJ’s, Funk Master Flex and DJ Envy.

Following the announcement about Martinez joining their team, DJ Envy shared the below image simply adding, “Lights Out!!!,” as if to imply it was the beginning of the end for the opposing station.


The ever expressive Hot 97 DJ, Funkmaster Flex (another radio vet) felt it was his duty to defend the station. He re-shared the image on social media adding his own two sense. He wrote, “Haaaaaa!!! Really @Djenvy??? You want my attention??? We gonna show you what lights out feels like!!!! @hot97 #GotThisStationOnMyBack #WaitTillWhatsGoingToHappen3-7 #NiggaILovesteppingonyourneck turn me on @7pm see how I do!!!!”

But it didn’t end there. Apparently Funk Flex may have said some not so nice things about DJ Envy and his wife, Gia.

A cease and desist letter was sent to the Hot 97 headquarters fueling the feud even more. Funk Flex shared an image (below) of the letter this time writing, “McGruff the Snitch aka lil power ranger always talking to police and lawyers sending over paperwork!!! #stoptalkingtopolice”


Envy shared the same photo of the letter (below) adding, “Now this is a Cease & Desist…. Full letter… No snitching, no police, no statements… this is a letter to a business… Stopping a coward from lying and making up stories… Any TRUE Dad or HUSBAND would do the same… Chess not checkers… @djfunkflex Your a lying, worthless, jealous, pathetic, old man… we all know your going thru a lot.. But lying is not the answer.. You have been in this business to long to go out like a bitch!!! You are 55 years old acting like a child… Be truthful with yourself bruh.. you are killing your legacy… We know your not tough, your not a thug, no fists, no gunplay just a man that likes to DJ… Be that man… We are excited Angie is part of the team and will continue to celebrate that…. I will not respond to your shenanigans again… Lights Out!!!”


Well, boys will be boys.

This is all an ego trip, don’t you think? Instead of working together they’d rather feud.

Martinez, on the other hand, is not at all bothered.

Can we all just get along?

What are your thoughts CK readers, should the two stations try to work together or is this all friendly competition?

We’d love to hear your thoughts.

(Photos: Funk Flex/DJ Envy/Instagram)


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