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Zendaya Respond To Critics After Being Casted For Aaliyah Biopic



Earlier in the week, we told you that Disney actress and singer, Zendaya Coleman, has been chosen to play the late great Aaliyah in an upcoming Lifetime movie biopic.

Following the announcement, unfortunately, thousands (even millions) of Aaliyah fans expressed their disappointment and anger over the young teen being picked to play the role.

In fact, fans and foes have been sharing images of some of the women (mostly unknown talent) they believe could have been a better pick.

Now, Zendaya is firing back at her critics and has shared her feelings about being chosen to play the role. Here’s what the actress and singer had to say…


A rep for Aaliyah’s family, whose in charge of the singer’s official Twitter account, also shared their thoughts on the matter. Here’s what they had to say as well…


What are your thoughts CK readers, do you think Zendaya is fit for the role or not?

We actually think the teen may really pull this off.

We’d love to hear your thoughts.

(Source: Zendaya/Aaliyah Family Rep)


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