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50 Cent Tells Slowbucks, “I Didn’t Steal Your Chain”



50 Cent, not one to shy away from controversy, is in the hot seat once again. Following a press conference held by former associate, Slowbucks (See HERE), who he’s now feuding with, 50 is denying having anything to do with Buck’s gold chain being stolen during an attack at the annual Hot 97 Summer Jam two weeks ago (June 1st).

“50 just went on a preemptive tirade against Slowbucks saying the theft allegation is made up and Slowbucks is treading on dangerous territory spreading his story to TMZ and others,” TMZ.com reports.

The CEO of Slowbucks Entertainment is accusing the mogul of being the mastermind behind the attack.

In fact, the above photo of 50 is said to be one where he’s wearing the stolen chain while performing at the event. Rumor has it, 50 took the stolen chain from an associate and wore it for the remainder of his set to mock Bucks.

50 did just that when he released the below message and video as a response to Buck’s accusations on Monday.

He wrote, “Stop telling TMZ I can keep your chain Boy. I don’t snatch chains,This don’t make no sense.#smsaudio #animalambition.”

Here’s a photo of Slowbucks, accompanied by his lawyer, during that same conference.


Slowbucks tells TMZ …, “People know how I roll in the streets,” insisting that he isn’t afraid of 50 but doesn’t want things to escalate to a Tupac and Biggie situation.

The feud between the two men began when Slowbucks shared a photo of himself, several associates and 50’s teen son, Marquise Jackson, on his Instagram page several weeks ago.

It’s no secret, 50 and his son have been estranged for some time since a falling out, reportedly, two years ago.

Present, in the photo, was another arch enemy of the rapper, Trav, who 50 has been feuding with for some time as well.

50 felt Buck’s release of the image and his son’s presence was disrespectful. The two men have been feuding since.

(Source: TMZ/50 Cent/Instagram)


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