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Trey Songz Admits To Falling In Love With Lauren London



Trey Songz was much more open than usual during his interview with New York radio station, Power 105.1, Wednesday morning.

Songz talked about his feud, or lack there of, with fellow RnB crooner August Alsina, why he doesn’t host club events, and how many times he’s been in love.

Trey says that despite Alsina discussing a spat they’d had a few months back, he and the singer do not have beef. He says that Alsina is going through a lot of personal issues at the moment and that may explain some recent outbursts in a number of his recent interviews. He also says he can relate to the singer because he too struggled with managing his temper in the past.

On why he doesn’t do club promotion and events, Songz says he prefers exclusivity and doesn’t want to be too accessible to the fans (which would also equate to more money …).

On how many times he’s been in love the singer admits, two times. When asked who the women were, Trey admitted to the first being his ex-girlfriend Helen, whose now engaged, and the other being actress Lauren London.

He also says they’ve both met his mother.

Watch the full interview below and share your thoughts.



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