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50 Cent & Slowbucks Fight At Hot 97 Summer Jam?



It seems hot 97 Summer Jam could not go on without some sort of drama. Although 50 Cent reunited with group G-Unit, after a fall out a few years back, he did get into it with another group that was in attendance at the event Sunday night.

50 and his team got into a fight with Slowbucks (real name Winslow), a former friend and associate of the rapper. His social media site lists him as CEO & A&R of his own label, clothing and lifestyle company.

The altercation, allegedly, erupted when Slowbucks tried to jump on stage during one of 50’s set.

But it wasn’t the first dispute between the two men. The feud was sparked following the release of the below image with Slowbucks and 50’s seventeen year old son, Marquise. It’s no secret, 50 and his son as well as his son’s mother, have had a strained relationship in the past few years.

50 felt that Slowbucks, who also interned for him and group G-Unit at one point, offended him by associating with his son without his permission and posting pictures online.


Slowbucks in seen posing to the far left with his middle finger up.

It’s also rumored that after 50 snatched and worn Slowbucks’ chain around his neck the entire night during his show. Perhaps, the large gold chain seen around 50’s neck in the above image.

We’ll keep you posted as the story unfolds.

*Update*: We’ve now learned that the feud between 50 and Slowbucks may not been sparked solely by the above image alongside his son but by Slow’s association with Trav. Trav is the man standing with his arm around Marquise. Trav (another former G-Unit affiliate) had a dispute with 50.

Slowbucks may have just gotten caught in the middle between one of 50’s enemies and his estranged son.

Whatever the case, this is an all around tragic story, wouldn’t you agree?


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