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50 Cent Admits To Being In Love With Ciara, Talks Floyd, T.I., Beyonce & More



For the first time publicly 50 Cent has admitted to being in love with Ciara while they were together.

During his interview with New York radio station, Power 105.1, 50 Cent talked quite a bit about his new album, ‘Animal Ambition’ and being successful in the music industry, his fall out with friends along the way, and his love life or lack there of. He even admits two year old son, Sire, being planned but that he was not in love with his child’s mother. He was, however, in love with songstress Ciara during their four year courtship.

50 does insist, however, that he wasn’t upset over Ciara’s relationship with her now fiance and father of her newborn baby boy, Future. Of what ended their relationship he hints that the relationship simply ran its course.

50 also discusses the state of his friendship with boxer Floyd Mayweather and why he thinks rapper T.I. attacked the athlete hinting at Tip’s friendship with rapper Nelly — who also has an ongoing feud with Floyd.

One very funny moment in his interview was run 50 revealed that Beyonce “walked up on him” after thinking he and her husband and rapper, Jay Z, had been feuding. Bey is no joke apparently.

One thing 50 failed to mention was his strained relationship with his eldest son, Marquise, 17, who recently graduated high school. He was not in attendance.

Check out the full interview below and share your thoughts.



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