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Karrueche Upset At VH1 For Calling Her Chris Brown’s Side Chick



Karrueche Tran has had enough with being referred to as anything other than Chris Brown‘s girlfriend.

It’s no secret, the couple’s roller coaster relationship has been well documented in the media— especially when Chris left her to go back to his other ex and singer Rihanna.

Tran’s name has been dragged through the mud, literally, for it’s hard pronunciation (initially) and her relationship with Brown. She’s been called the rebound, a doormat, an enabler, stupid, naive among some other not so nice things, but, there’s one title she refuses to accept and that’s….side chick.

VH1 recently unveiled a list they’ve compiled of the most notorious “side chicks” associated with famous men. As you can imagine, Karrueche made the cut.

Of the list Tran shared the above image accompanied by this message, “when no one understands you.. they misinterpret you.. judge you.. label you.. this is embarrassing to see, but I can do nothing but laugh because at the end of the day you can say whatever you want about me.. Label me however you please.. Your words do not define who I am. I’m happy with myself.. Flaws..wrong choices..mistakes and all and that’s all that matters. I usually don’t speak up on shit like this but whatever. I have family that has to see shit like this. I don’t even think we’re all on the same page as to what a “side chick” really is.. Either way…”


I have to agree with Karrueche guys, this was low even for VH1’s taste.

I’ve given my own thoughts on Tran and her undying loyalty to Brown but I think she may actually be a sincere girl who got much more than she bargained for when she began dating the singer.

I’d love to hear your thoughts CK readers. What do you think of the list and Tran’s response?



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  • This is a crazy story, I came at it from a different perspective. But at the end of the day Karrueche should be mad or upset.

  • It was a stupid piece for VH1 to be doing anyways. Would they even consider doing a story called Side Guys?

  • Very good point.

  • KiaSoto

    karrueche is right this time – she is not the side piece