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When Rappers Go Too Far: Rick Ross Tattoos “Rich Forever” Under His Lip



Sooo…I’m guessing rappers are running out of places to get new tattoos. Since tattooing your face has become “a thing” in the Hip Hop community, why not remind yourself of just how rich you are by getting it tattooed under your lip? That’s just what Rick Ross did.

The hefty rapper unveiled the above image with fans on social media adding, “New tatt #Richforever under my lip by @nikkohurtado”

We’re not sure what’s more disturbing, the fact that he got that tattoo or the fact that he’s biting his lip in order to put the tat on full display. It looks a bit hmmmm…sexual. Doesn’t it?

Well, maybe that’s just me.

What are your thoughts CK readers, do you find this sexy?


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