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Monica In Revolution Riche American Dandrige T-Shirt



Songstress Monica shared this the above image with fans wearing this classic Revolution Riche American Dandridge T-shirt, inspired by the legendary actress Miss Dorothy Dandridge.

Isn’t it just hot? Love it!

Upon sharing the image Mo’ added, “@revolutionriche #PayRespect #DorothyDandridge 1922-1965 #Legend #FiRstAfRicanAmEricanWomanNominatedForAnAcademyAward Cleveland born World renowned #LOVEHER.”

So just how much does this tee cost?

I was able to find the sister American Dandrige Sweatshirt to this t-shirt and the price tag is $155. The shirt could be less price tagged somewhere in the $100-$150 range.

What are your thoughts CK readers, are we loving this Dandridge Tee?


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  • i love it; I just need it in a short sleeve!