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Rob Kardashian Missed Kim & Kanye’s Wedding Over Poor Display of Wealth?



In some very unfortunate news, Kim K’s little brother, Rob Kardashian, did not attend her wedding to rapper Kanye West over the weekend.

Initials reports of Rob’s absence suggested it was due to a family dispute. At the time, there had not been much to support exactly what caused the fall out. Rob was spotted leaving Florence, Italy (the wedding location) and headed back to Los Angeles.

Speculation suggested Rob was to take part in the wedding but became upset over his attire. It’s no secret, Rob’s felt a bit insecure since gaining a significant amount of weight in the past year or two.

Radaronline.com is now reporting that Rob was displeased with Kim and Kanye’s over the top lavished ceremony. He believes the couple are too superficial and thought their wedding was a poor display of wealth, perhaps, too braggadocios for his taste.

The bride and groom were decked out in a custom made Givenchy gown and tux courtesy their good friend Riccardo Risci. Even their one year old baby girl, North, was adorned in Givenchy as well. Not to mention the lavished decor, a carriage fit for a king and queen.

Perhaps it was too much to take in for the younger Kardashian.

What are your thoughts CK readers? Did Rob throw a fit over due to his own insecurities or is he right in his belief that Kim and Kanye are too superficial?


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  • He’s insecure. And unless the weight gain is health related, it’s his fault. With access to trainers and chefs he could do better.