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Nelly Supports T.I. After Fight With Floyd Mayweather



It’s no secret Nelly and Floyd Mayweather aren’t exactly the best of friends. If you may recall, the rapper and boxer via social media when Floyd accused Nelly of breaking man code by dating his now ex-fiancee, Shantel Jackson.

Nelly blasted back insisting he and Floyd were not friends and later shared a photo of himself and Miss Jackson while vacationing and on a beach together.

Fast forward to T.I. and Floyd’s Fat Burger brawl, Saturday night. The fight is said to have been over T.I.’s wife, singer and reality TV star, Tiny.

Apparently T.I. did not like how close Floyd and Tiny seemed to have been, especially after a sighting of the pair while celebrating the boxer’s daughter’s 14th birthday while in Vegas.

Although reports suggested T.I. took a swing at Floyd after he made some disrespectful comments, he may have swung at his body guards according to some new reports.

Floyd was, however, caught on video telling the ATL rapper to “control your b*tch.”


How ironic, wouldn’t you agree? Floyd called out Nelly for doing almost the exact same thing. The only difference, Floyd and Shantel had already broken up while Tiny and T.I. are very much married.

As for Tiny’s involvement with Floyd, we’d have to defend Tiny in the matter. T.I. may have jumped the fun here. There’s no indication that the two partook in any inappropriate behavior.

Here they are together while celebrating in Vegas.


Now what did Nelly have to say about all this?

Well that about sums it up.

In all honesty, these men all look childish fighting over women who seem to be unbothered by all the fuss. Lol.

What are your thoughts CK readers?


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