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T.I. Fights Floyd Mayweather Over Wife Tiny (Video)



T.I. and Floyd Mayweather Jr were just involved in a brawl at a Fat Burger in Las Vegas.

The fight allegedly broke out when Tip approached the boxer over sightings that Floyd was spotted partying with his wife, Tiny.

After exchanging words, T.I. took a swing at the boxer and the fight broke out.

Floyd was also heard saying, “Control your bitch.”

Here’s a photo of Floyd fleeing the scene. T.I., who reportedly had already left, was no where in sight.


To view the video clips of the encounter go HERE.

What are your thoughts on the matter CK readers?


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  • Fighting over Tiny? #blankstare

    Only T.I. would want to fight over Tiny.

  • Teerika Ogletree

    That’s right!! He respects her and he did the right thing!! People always got something to say about Tiny but she is not that ugly, it’s just all that plastic surgery! Yeah nobody might not fight over her, but that’s his wife, so just stfu!! Some of you people don’t know what respect is cause your man too busy fighting you to fight anybody else!!!

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