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Futue Explains Meaning Behind Giving Son His Stage Name



Earlier in the week, rapper Future and songstress, Ciara, welcomed their first child and baby boy together. Upon announcing their son’s birth and name, Future Zahir Wilburn, many began to wonder why the couple opted on giving their son his father’s stage name.

Future, real name Nayvadius D. Wilburn, recently spoke with Us shedding light on his son’s name and what it represents.

When asked how his fiancee was recovering since the birth of their son earlier in the week he stated “She’s feeling great.”

While speaking with reporters at the Bacardi Rum and Vice Celebrate Cuban Independence Day in NYC on Tuesday, May 20, the musician added, “She’s with our son right now [in L.A.]. I just texted her when I got off the airplane, and I’m going to get on the phone with her to see how everything is going.”

And on what kind of mom he thinks the singer will be, “She’ll be a great mom. She’s working at it every day and over time, I think she’ll be the best,” he stated.

Ci ci confirmed the news of their son’s birth on social media when she shared a photo of the baby boy’s arm, on Tuesday.

According to the rapper, their son is “a mixture of both” mom and dad.

On why he gave him his moniker he adds, “I want him to be better than me.”

“I would encourage him in anything he wants to do,” Future said. “I want to be behind him, of course.”

Will he be on diaper duty? Of course! “You have to say you did it,” he told Us. “I’ll make sure I change a few diapers—a hands-on Dad!”

He also adds that having another addition to his family is “a blessing.”

Congrats Future and Ciara!


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