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Marquise Jackson Blast Dad 50 Cent For Missing Graduation



When it comes to rapper 50 Cent, there’s one thing he’s really good at. That’s meddling in other celebrity affairs, hence, mocking celeb feuds involving Floyd Mayweather and Nelly and his own feud with rapper Rick Ross and Hip Hop mogul Diddy. What he may not be so good at is fixing his own personal issues and problems with his teenage son, Marquise Jackson.

It’s no secret the rapper and his young son have been estranged for quite some time now. In fact, some disturbing messages were leaked online last year of derogatory comments 50 made to his son during a dispute (See HERE). It was even reported that 50 hadn’t seen Marquise in two years (Read HERE).

Here’s the image the teen shared of his graduation and message.


Wow, this is heartbreaking. We hope his dad gets the message he’s trying to send and resolve their issues.

Here’s Marquise along with his mom and sister during his graduation.


And here’s a photo of the teen on his way to his prom.


We really hope these two will be able to resolve their issues. Every son needs his father. This is very unfortunate.

What are your thoughts on the matter CK readers?

(Photos: Marquise Jackson)


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