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Beyonce, Jay Z & Solange Spend Some Family Time In New Orleans



The Knowles-Carter clan are doing just fine following last week’s leaked video of Solange Knowlesattack on her brother-in-law, Jay Z.

After releasing an official statement assuring us all that they had resolved their issues and are moving forward as a family, Beyonce, Solange and Jay Z joined mom Tina Knowles, Solange‘s boyfriend Allen Ferguson and her young son Juelz for some family time in New Orleans.

Baby Blue was also in tow. Check out the adorable photos shared by Beyonce of the family bonding.

Beyonce and Blue sitting along side Solange’s boyfriend, Allen with Solo and son Juelz sitting across from the brood.

And here’s the men of the family Jay, Juelz and Allen. Too bad the sister’s dad and former manager Mathew Knowles was not apart the celebration.

Mom and her mom taking a stroll.

Such a beautiful family wouldn’t you agree?


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  • They’re so desperate to change the story that they’re showing Blues face now. LOL

  • Damage control! Blue is so cute though-