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‘Flex & Shanice’ New Reality Show, “It’s Hard Being A Broke Celebrity”



Singer Shanice and her actor/comedian hubby Flex Alexander are coming to a TV screen nearest you.

Although it’s been some time since we’ve seen either star in the spotlight, the couple’s upcoming new reality series, ‘Flex and Shanice,’ documents their financial and career woes. As the Grammy Award nominated songstress puts it, “It’s hard being a broke celebrity.”

Having to give up their luxurious lifestyle, the couple pack up their two kids, Imani, 12, and Elijah, 10, along with their extended family, include includes nine other people, and moved into a rental home.

As you can imagine, the crowded home becomes overwhelming for the pair especially when the singer’s momager, Crystal, gets word that she’s been blamed for her daughter’s career woes.

Celebrity appearances include actress and comedian Kim Whitley, who serves as the actor’s mentor, and music producer Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds, who’ll assist the singer in getting back into the recording studio.

Watch the sneak peek below and share your thoughts.

The new reality series premieres on OWN, Saturday May 31st at 10 PM ET/PT. Will you be watching?



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  • Why are they living with the extended family. Why isn’t the extended family paying their own way? Or are they living off of the extended family. I feel for them – tough times for everybody – but renting an apartment is cheaper than renting a house.

  • should be interesting.