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Beyonce Dismisses Jay Z & Solange Fight, Shares Instagram Photos of Her Sister



The Carters have continued to put on a united front following the leaked tape of Solange Knowles’ attack on her brother-in-law and rapper Jay Z (See HERE). Although her sister and singer Beyonce has stayed mum on the matter, she released several images of herself and her sister via Instagram early Wednesday morning.

With no caption needed, we’re guessing, this is Bey’s way of saying she loves her sister and no matter they’ll always have each others back.

The posting also comes on the heels that Solange recently deleted several images of her sister on her official Instagram profile (@SaintsRecords). Although we can’t be certain what’s going on in the Carter-Knowles family, one thing’s for sure, all may not be well.

Check out some more images Bey shared of herself and her sister this morning.




Following the leak of Solange’s attack on Jay in an elevator while leaving the Met Gala after party at the Standard Hotel in New York City last week, many have speculated what they think happened that night. Without an actual audio, however, no one is certain what really took place between the sister and brother-in-law.

Here are some of the reports circulating the web…

1. Solange was defending Beyonce after Jay Z made some derogatory comments.
2. Solange became irate when the rapper announced he’d be attending a Rihanna event and demanded he leave with his wife.
3. Solange had a confrontation with designer Rachel Roy moments earlier and a drunken Solo became angry when confronted and escorted out by the rapper.

TMZ is also reporting that the duo (Solo and Jay) have already made up and were spotted out and about NYC doing a bit of jewelry shopping on Tuesday.

We’ll keep you posted.

(Photos: Beyonce/Instagram)


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