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Dr. Dre Becomes First Hip Hop Billionaire Following Apple Deal



There’s a ton of reasons for why Dr. Dre should be celebrating today, and, one of those reasons may be because he’s just become the first Hip Hip billionaire.

With the success of his Beats by Dre collaboration with Jimmy Iovine, the duo have just sold the rights to the popular headphones to Apple Inc. Actually, the acquisition, is said to be worth 3.2 billion dollars.

Although Diddy was recently crowned the richest Hip Hop mogul worth an estimated 700 million by Forbes, it seems, the magazine will have to update their stats. They even predicted that he’d be the first billionaire mogul but Dr. Dre has just beat him to the punch.

Although no official announcement has been made by Apple, the mogul is already living it up.

It was actor Tyrese Gibson who shared a video while celebrating with the music mogul. On the video Gibson declared, “The Forbes list just changed! It came out like two weeks ago. They need to update the Forbes list. Sh-t just changed!”

Dre also chimed in adding, “In a big way! Understand that! The first billionaire of Hip-Hop. Right here, from the motherf-ckin’ West Coast!”

Watch the clip below.

As for Diddy, he isn’t licking his wounds. He’s actually pretty excited for his fellow mogul and business man.

Upon sharing an article of the report with fans on social media he adds, “This is BIG! This is Historical! If anyone deserves it, it’s you! Congratulations Dr. Dre! #fromthesoontobe #DrCombs #wemadeit #proudofyou #thebarhasbeenrsised #motivated #timetogotowork

Update: Forbes has since released a statement insisting that the mogul isn’t a billionaire just yet. After taxes, Dre (who owns 25% of Beats By Dr. Dre) will get approximately $450 million. Add that to his other assets and that rounds up to about $800 million.



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