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Ashanti Shows Off Sexy Bikini Body In Vegas Pool (Photos)



Have you seen Ashanti lately? Her body looks amazing!

Now, we’ve always known the singer had a pair of thick thighs but her waist-thigh radio is looking very impressive. Maybe, she’s been working out or she’s gained weight in the right places.

Shani showed off her banging body, early this morning, while frolicking in a Las Vegas pool. But that’s not all.

The images are also sparking rumors of a Floyd Mayweather union. Yup, you’ve read that right. And so, the plot thickens in this quartet of Nelly, Shantel Jackson, Floyd and Ashanti.

You may all be aware by now but here’s a quick rundown. Floyd has blasted ex-fiancee Shantel Jackson on social media for weeks, even accusing her of aborting their twins last year. After images of Shantel and Nelly emerged last week, Floyd then blasted the rapper for it. Nelly responded by insisting he and the boxer had never really been friends and that he owed him nothing. Nelly also accused Floyd of trying to get close to his own ex, Ashanti… (Read HERE).

And now here we are in the present day. Following Floyd’s fight and win against Marcos Maidana over the weekend, he was spotted partying it up with a group of friends including

Now this pool you see Ashanti frolicking in is said to be Floyd’s. Well, a pool that was stationed in a hotel in Vegas at Floyd’s hotel party.

But anyway, back to Ashanti. She shared the above image adding, “Every once in a while ya come across 1 of the good ones… #rarebreed #braveheart.”

The images also emerged after a second photo of Nelly and Shantel Jackson hitting the net hours before (See Here). Jackson shared a photo of herself and Nelly while enjoying a day at the beach. We also think the couple could be on vacation together.

That rare breed Ashanti could be referring to is herself, and, a jab at Nelly. She’s said to have detailed some of the issues in their relationship on new album, ‘Braveheart.’

Well, whatever the case, let’s enjoy more of Shani’s thick and fit physique, shall we?




We wonder whose taking the photos? Floyd is that you? Lolol!

(Photos: Ashanti/Instagram)


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  • Yet none of this is going to make Nelly come back to her. He’s still giving everybody else a chance but her…