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Porsha Williams Issues Apology After Anti-Gay Sermon Leaks, Cynthia Bailey & Miss Lawrence Respond



Porsha Williams has been in the news a lot lately but it may not be for the reasons she would prefer. Following her assault on ‘RHOA’ cast mate, Kenya Moore, and her arrest, Williams is now under fire for an anti-gay sermon she delivered during a church service three years ago.

In the clip, Williams expresses her belief that although gays and lesbians are worthy of God’s love, they will only receive it by changing their ways, or else, they’ll pay in the end.

Following the backlash on Monday, Williams immediately issued an apology to PEOPLE.com, on Tuesday, to clear her name. She says, “First let me say that God loves all his children. And although some people discriminate against others for their race, their religion, their sexual orientation, their status in life, we’re all worthy of God’s love.”

“The sermon was shown not in its entirety, therefore the message was omitted,” Williams continued. “I apologize that those words hurt the LGBT community, my fans and my supporters. Life is a journey and I’m growing every day. And I continue to encourage everyone to love each other unconditionally.”

She adds, “We Christians are supposed to be telling the hooker on the street, the drug dealer … the gays, the lesbians – we’re supposed to be trying to save them and tell them, ‘You are worthy,’ ”

“My heart was heavy and it’s imperative for me to address the issue,” Williams. “God loves all of his children.”

According to TMZ.com, the sermon was filmed three years ago at Georgia’s High Praise Christian Center Ministries.

You can listen to the apology in its entirety below.

Porsha’s apology:

And here’s Porsha’s anti-gay sermon:

Of the controversy, openly gay’ Fashion Queens’ co-host, Miss Lawrence, whose also made a number of appearances of the popular Atlanta reality show issued this statement.

“I think some women use the community as a convenience … i.e. for gay slang, fan base building, and beauty security. But like always, true character always reveals.”

Cynthia Bailey, a fellow housewife whose recently been blasted in the media by Williams for being a flip-flopper and not speaking her mind (Read HERE), adds…

“To put gays and lesbians in the same category as drug dealers, hookers, and people who attempt suicide is ignorant and insensitive. Especially when she just recently profited from performing at a popular gay club in NYC (See HERE). #flipflop”

What are your thoughts on the matter guys?



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  • HollywoodHiccups

    Sometimes an apology doesn’t help with anything, and I don’t think people will accept her apology that easily; what she said was very offensive.