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Beyonce In Revolution Riche American Baby Girl “Aaliyah” Top



When it comes to fashion the Queen Bee, Ms. Beyonce, rarely disappoint. The pop star shared the above image with fans on her official Instagram page wearing this sweat shirt which seems to be a tribute to the late great singer Aaliyah.

Fans immediately wanted to know where they could retrieve the sweat shirt. Not to worry, we know exactly where you can find the item and for how much.


The top is a Revolution Riche design, American Babygirl sweat shirt, that retails for $179.

Here’s a closer look at the shirt.


Pretty affordable, wouldn’t you agree?

You can head over to the website at RevolutionRiche.com to check out some more creative designs from the company.

What are your thoughts CK readers, are we loving the look?

(Photo: Instagram/Beyonce)


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