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[New Music] Nelly: “Thanks To My Ex” (Floyd Mayweather & Ashanti Diss)



Nelly is still feeling salty over Floyd Mayweather dissing ex-fiancee, Shantel Jackson (Nelly’s rumored new beau photoed with him above) and accusing him of breaking the guy code of not dating a friend’s ex.

Although the rapper has already addressed the boxer and insists they’d never really been friends (Read HERE), Nelly still felt the need take things one step further in a diss track titled, “Thanks to my ex.”

The ex Nelly refers to in the song is singer Ashanti, who he’s accused of having a much closer relationship to the boxer.

Although we think Floyd went too far with posting unflattering images of Shantel, discussing the plastic surgery he says he paid for and accusing her of aborting their twins last year (Read HERE), we also think, Nelly’s response was unnecessary and just as childish. At this point, it’s clear, he’s now trying to capitalize off of the drama.

As the song suggests, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” It’s actually not half bad. Listen to the record below and share your thoughts on the matter.

As they say, boys will be boys.

CK readers, what do you think about the record and should Nelly have released it?

(Photo: Shantel Jackson/Instagram)


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