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“Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” Season 3 Premiere [Full Episode]



In case you missed the tragic “comedy” that is ‘Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta’ Monday night, not to worry, we have the full episode of the show’s season 3 premiere here.

In a nut shell, Mimi did a really horrible acting job of trying to convince us all that she had no idea her sex-tape with boyfriend Nikko Smith was leaked and that she had no idea she was actually being filmed. Nikko didn’t quite help convincing us they hadn’t intended on leaking the tape by suggesting to exploit and make a profit from it.

Kirk Frost
is still a jerk and Rasheeda is still delusional about how idiotic he really is.

Momma Dee is still meddling in son Lil’ Scrappy’s love life now that he’s on to yet another reality star and aspiring artist, Bambi.

Erica and Ariane have managed to remain on neutral territory with the cast so far. Question is, will Erica and Scrappy reconcile and get back together considering they have a child together?

And, is anyone really convinced that Ariane is a lesbian? Hmmmm… Watch the full episode below and judge for yourselves.

So, after watching the show’s season 3 premiere, what are your thoughts CK readers?



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