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Designer Spotlight: Get To Know Woman’s Clothing Designer, Eddie Laners



We had the pleasure of interviewing a very talented up and coming women’s clothing designer by the name of Eddie Laners. The line, ‘Eddy Wang’, is already gaining some momentum in the world of ladies fashion; especially their leggings, which stretches to fit very comfortably.

But don’t take our word for it, let’s hear it from the founder and creative genius behind the line, Eddie Laners.

Cotten Kandi: How would you describe your line, how would you describe Eddy Wang?
Eddy Wang: Eddy Wang is a brand that is about success, money, power, and feeling good.  Eddy Wang is the name of the company.  Eddy Wang simply means Kings and Queens filled with the swirling waters of life, but the brand means comfortable and durable products that you feel good wearing.

CK: What made you want to be a designer?
EL: I want to change the way people view themselves. I wanted to change the way people feel about themselves. I wanted to offer people high end fashions at a low cost. These are things that make me want to design fashion. I love to have a positive impact on people’s lives. Fashion says a lot about people. And the products I come up with will make you feel like royalty.

CK: Did you always have a keen eye for fashion?
EL: I have always had an eye for fashion, but I didn’t always know it. Different places I’ve lived have different styles so when I moved to New York I had to play catch up with New York trends. Now, that I’ve been here, I have discovered I know an enormous amount more than I thought I did about fashion. Fashion is money. I’ve always known about money, so putting the two mindsets together was easy for me.

CK: Do you design women’s clothes, men’s clothes or both?
EL: Mostly women’s fashions for now. I love women, and I love it when women are on their A game, so this drives my passion. I do have men’s jeans, and will come out with more styles in the future, but I have more fashion for women in mind for now.

CK: What made you want to design women’s leggings?
EL: I haven’t seen too many women that look bad in leggings, but you can always find a woman wearing a dress, skirt, shirt, or jacket with the wrong ensemble. So leggings are an easy solution to the problem of being stylish. You can see women dressing leggings up or dressing them down, and to the untrained eye the women whether or not she actually does, looks like she made it work all by herself, but the leggings deserve most of the credit (smile).

CK: You’re also into music. What can you tell us about the kind of music you make?
EL: I make music that I would like to listen to as a fan. I don’t make music for me, but I make music that when I hear it back doesn’t sound like me to myself. I make all kinds of songs based on my experiences in life. So my music ranges from street stories, to religious, to dancy pop songs. I don’t pigeon hold myself to any style or genre. I love all kinds of music.

CK: Any other projects you’re working on? Fashion shows/showcases etc?
EL: I will start preparing for New York fashion week soon. I‘ve been discussing projects with new designers. I’ve been in talks with Jeans Company’s like Grey Moon Jeans. I’ve attended fashion shows last year. And I’ve been trying to build up my network as the fashion industry can be very close circuit as Kanye West experienced. Soon we will announce where the line can be seen whether it’s a fashion show or boutique shops, we’ll announce this very soon.

CK: What other designs/collection can we look out for?
ELI’m thinking of making Capes like you see Cam’Ron doing, Designer Fisherman Caps for men, Bathing suits, and More styles of leggings. We have a lot we want to do this year and next, but everything takes time, and branding comes before anything else.

CK: Where can we find you? Social media etc.
ELYou can find us on Instagram at: eddywangjeans  on twitter at @eddywangpremium and online at www.eddyw.com

CK: Anything else you want us to know?
EL:Just shop shop shop till you drop at www.eddyw.com We understand most of the time women want to try on the products they buy in a store first, but we can promise that once you order from us online, you’ll never want to shop in another store. Our leggings are that comfortable!! Order today!

Check out a few pieces from the designer’s collection below.


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