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Nelly Respond To Floyd After He Bashes His Ex-Fiancee, Shantel Jackson



On Thursday we reported about Floyd Mayweather‘s distasteful bashing of his ex-fiancee Shantel Jackson (Read HERE). Although Floyd has been taunting his ex for weeks, he took things to another level when he blasted her for the plastic surgery he paid for and the abortion of their twins — the reason he says they broke up last year.

Floyd’s antics may have been sparked by Shantel’s date with her “friend” and rapper Nelly a few days prior. After Floyd’s rant on social media, the rumored couple both responded to the antics.

It was Nelly who first took a jab at the champ with this tweet, “Why be rich with poor character..?”

Nelly later shared this message on social media. The caption read, “I take being called a friend and being one serious and would never do anything to jeopardize that situation if indeed that’s what it is..”


And then…”Who knew I had this kinda power….!!!!LMAO”

The only question now is, which ex is Nelly referring to? The likely guess is that it’s Ashanti….messy messy messy!

Shantel also shared her own thoughts with this tweet, “Head is up, and I’m off to the spa.”

Her tweet was accompanied by this photo and message.


In case you’re wondering what Miss Jackson is referring to…. The boxer is currently among a growing list of wealthy African American celebrities who are considering purchasing the Los Angeles Clippers after the team’s owner, Donald Sterling, was banned from the NBA for life, earlier this week, after racist comments were leaked to the press.

However, Floyd’s antics, as childish as they may be (and we think he’s really hurt over their breakup), may also be a well calculated tactic to gain press and attention for his match with Marcos Maidana this weekend. The champ is known for sparking controversy right before a major fight. We wouldn’t be surprised if that’s exactly what he’s doing this time around as well.

What are your thoughts CK readers? Is this all a show or is Floyd truly a bitter ex?

(Photos: Shantel Jackson/Instagram)


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