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Comedian Kevin Hart & Mike Epps Feuding After Epps Calls Hart Overrated In Interview



Who knew comedians Kevin Hart and Mike Epps had beef?

After doing an interview where he called fellow comedian, Kevin Hart, overrated, Mike Epps is now feeling the wrath of his statements.

Hart got wind of the interview and immediately blasted the fellow comedian on social media. Here’s what Kevin had to say….




Kevin Hart also shared this video with the caption, “Hey @eppsie don’t wake up this monster pimp. If you want me to be honest, I’m showing you what you should of did when you had your shot at success!!!! Oooooh Killlleeeemmmm…. You do clubs & small theaters… I DO ARENA’S man. You do small movies….I DO MOTION PICTURES & SEQUELS!!! So go pick a fight with somebody in ur league like CHUCKY DUCKY or somebody…no offense CHUCKY DUCKY!!! #WhyHateWhenYouCanCongradulate #ItsMoneyOutHereForEverybody #IFYoUSaySometHingAboutMeImGoingToSaySomethingBack #HeWokeUpAmonster”

After reposting a number of tweets from fans of his work, Mike Epps responded with, “Hollywood love indentured servants”

Then, “All these comedians stoled from me iam takin my shit back”

And finally, “If it wasn’t for the social media @KevinHart4real would not be present he was forced on you fans trough the web your gone to realize”

Epps then went on to list a number of movies Hart had been apart of while mocking the comedian.

Well, another day another celebrity feud.

We’d love to hear your thoughts CK readers. What is your take on the feud between the two comedians?

(Photos: Kevin Hart/ Mike Epps/ Twitter/ Instagram)


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  • The Truth

    The question is would Mike Epps even be talking about Kevin Hart if he was even close to being as successful as Kevin Hart? Probably not. I agree with Kevin for the most part. Kevin didn’t even need to post to Mike but maybe they were once friends and/pride was somewhat hurt? It’s really dumb to have public twitter beefs from grown folks lol.

  • These men are too old for this nonsense.

  • This is going to be funny if they start doing sets on each other.

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  • twanatells

    This was hilarious Kevin Hart went in lol

  • Diane

    When we will all learn to stay in our own lane and be grateful for the blessings that are out there for all of us? DAMN!