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Kevin Hart’s Ex-Wife Torrei Hart Calls Out His Current Girlfriend, Eniko Parrish



Although Kevin Hart and ex-wife Torrei Hart have worked out their differences following their bitter divorce in 2011 (See HERE), Torrei is now opening up about the divorce and the comedian’s current girlfriend, Oniko Parrish.

During an interview with S2S magazine, for the first time, Torrei spoke about the hurtful split and the comedian not allowing time to heal and, perhaps, to get closure.

Torrei also speaks on Hart calling his current girlfriend his “rib.”

On going through a divorce:
It’s so painful. I just feel like there’s ways to do things, too.

On Kevin not taking enough time to “heal” before moving on:
When we first split up, I took a lot of time to just heal. I feel like he hasn’t even really healed, because he went from one relationship right into another relationship.

On Kevin calling girlfriend Eniko his “rib:”
It’s easy to be somebody’s rib when you’re a millionaire. That’s just me being as honest as I can.

Me, for instance; you’re working at City Sports and I’m taking you to your shows, you’re driving my car, you’re crashing my car several times, and I’m still there for you, supporting you, went out and got a job for the phone company and still making sure I got your back so you can pursue your dreams.

Wow sounds like Torrei is still hurt about the split and may feel entitled since she was there before all the fame and fortune.

We can certainly understand that. We wish her the best.

Here’s a photo of Hart alongside girlfriend Eniko during a New Years 2013 celebration.


The couple have been dating for going on four years.

What are your thoughts CK readers, is Torrei entitled to feel the way she does, why or why not?



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  • TD

    I would feel hurt too if I did all of that for a man. That’s the kind of person who will stick by you through the good and bad days. She could have easily dropped him while he was having it rough with his craft.

  • fashawnKILLA

    I can definitely understand how she feels! Unfortunately, that’s the way certain “types” of males do. And we all know that this current girlfriend or any other girl would be with him if it wasn’t for his wallet. But, I guess his short a** can stand on said wallet and begin to look better to a certain “type” of female! #sorrynotsorry