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Sound Off!: Porsha Williams Fight With Kenya Moore During RHOA Reunion



While I do not condone violence, I also do not condone bullying. If you watched Sunday’s part one reunion show episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” then you were a witness to the way Kenya Moore taunted, disrespected and degraded cast mate Porsha Williams. Although Porsha unfortunately made the decision to put her hand on Moore, I think most of you would agree, I understand why she lost her cool.

Was it wrong for her to put her hand on Moore? Absolutely. Was Moore any better in her antics in speaking over Williams with a bullhorn and pointing a scepter in her face while accusing her of cheating on ex-husband Kordell Stewart and insulting her intelligence? Not at all.

If you haven’t watched the big blow out, please watch a clip below and share your thoughts.

Was Porsha wrong for putting her hands on Moore or was she provoked by her cast mate’s antics?

Would love o hear your thoughts CK readers.


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  • chee

    I totally agree!!!! Yes it was wrong for her to put hands on Moore but what Moore was doing was just as bad.

  • Tee

    How is it that porsha can talk so much shit as well as kenya, but kenya is the instigater. I was watching same show and just as kenya would talk Porsha tried to over talk her. Also kenya took insults from everyone but did she get up and snatch Phaedra or nene. Yall let that immature girl get away with talking shit and playing victim. If she cant handle it, she doesn’t need to try to put on her big girl underware if she cant handle the pressure. How are you toni writing a article and your being bias. Smh

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