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Brandy Releases Statement About Failed Engagement To Ryan Press



It’s official. Brandy and her music executive fiance, Ryan Press, have called off their engagement. Although we reported the couple called off their engagement earlier in the month, it wasn’t until now that the singer has just about confirmed the split.

“It was a mutual decision,” says a rep for Brandy, confirms People.com. “They’re both taking a step back regarding their relationship. They’re definitely friends and will continue to be friends. There’s nothing malicious or negative about [their split].”

The singer and actress hinted at the split when she appeared on Vh1 Morning Buzz Live with host Nick Lachey, Tuesday morning, sans her engagement ring.

She also made mention of working on another studio album adding, “It’s going to be a very personal album for me,” she said. “This album is just special for the whole therapy thing. I sing about my life and a lot of the things that I’ve been going through lately.”

When Lachey made mention of how therapeutic it was to record an album during his own split from singer Jessica Simpson back in 2005, the singer agreed before adding, “I’m going to be hollering a lot on this album.”

The couple announced their engagement back in December of 2012 after a year long courtship. Speculation of a split emerged, earlier in the year, during the singer’s 35th birthday celebration. Although her closest family and friends were in attendance, Press was no where in sight.

We wish the couple all the best.


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  • KiaSoto

    wow 2 months later though?? Well glad they are still friends and i hope they will work later

  • MrsGrapevine

    What too her so long to confirm the rumors? People have already made up their minds and moved on.

  • HollywoodHiccups

    That is too bad but at least it is not a war between them.

  • Whenever Brandy starts talking about her love life you know something shady is going on. Not surprised at all.

  • Brandy still don’t know how to make a man a keeper, so sad.