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Author Epiphany Kendell Explains Why “Hood Girls Do It Better…”



Rising author, Epiphany Kendell, recently spoke with cottenkandi.com about writing and the success of her first book, “Hood Girls Do It Best: The Hood Girls A-Z Guide to Success.” A Queens, NY native, the 24 year old shares her life experiences in hopes of inspiring “hood girls” just like herself. From being a witness to drug addiction, abuse, and being involved in an unhealthy relationship, Kendell shares all. Here’s what she had to say during our talk.

Cotten Kandi: What made you want to write this book?
Epiphany Kendell: I would advise aspiring authors to write what’s in their heart. So many people were telling me how I should write my book. I just did me and the response is amazing.

CK: Why did you choose this title?
EK: The title was originally going to be “The Hood Girls A-Z Guide to Success” and that’s because its self explanatory of what I wrote about. In the midst of looking for a slogan, to help promote the book, I came up with “Hood Girls Do It Better.” Then out of no where, I got the idea to use the slogan as the main title.

CK: When did you know that you wanted to write a book and could?
EK: I always loved writing. I always said I’d write a book. I use to tell my friends that I was going to write about book about us. So when this idea came up I jumped on it. As far as knowing that I could, there isn’t anything I cant do besides brain surgery, Lol.

CK: What was your inspiration to continue writing when things got difficult?
EK: My inspiration to continue writing was the fact that I started.


CK: Were your family and friends upset with you for writing about personal matters?
EK: Yes, they were. No matter what I’ve gone through with old friends I was blessed to have had them because they were always supportive. My family, those that I am close to, have always been there for me no matter what and I’m always getting myself into something, Lol.

CK: Did any of them offer any words both negative and positive?
EK: All were pretty much positive even if it was constructive criticism.

CK: What did you learn about yourself while writing?
EK: I learned that I love really hard and I fight hard for what I believe in.

CK: What message are your trying to spread to other young ladies like yourself?
EK: That self love and respect is key to becoming a woman. Also that no matter where you come from that does not determine your future.

CK: What would you have done differently?
EK: Nothing, everything has been a life lesson.

CK: Last thoughts?
EK: Life isn’t close to what we expect its either worse or better.

“Hood Girls Do It Better: The Hood Girls A-Z Guide to Success” is available now. To purchase a copy go to Amazon.com.


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  • Wow she’s young successful writer, that’s really amazing. This interview makes me want to go buy this book. Thanks for sharing.