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Judge Joe Brown Arrested & Jailed For Disruptive Behavior In Court



Judge Joe Brown is in trouble with the law. The former TV judge was arrested and jailed after becoming disruptive at a Tennessee juvenile court on Monday.

The 66 year old was not only arrested but sentenced to five days in jail on contempt of court.

“Brown, 66, was sentenced to five days in jail after he became “pretty raucous” and “challenged the authority” of Magistrate Harold Horne, another judge told CNN. He was later released on his own recognizance, CNN Memphis affiliate WMC-TV reported, citing the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office,” reports CNN.

“Brown, a former Shelby County criminal judge, was in court to represent a client in a child-support case. He apparently became upset when he was told the case was not on the afternoon docket, Chief Magistrate Dan Michael said.”

Judge Horne, who is said to be a real laid-back guy, gave Brown five chances to calm down before finding him in contempt.

He was booked into the Shelby County jail in Memphis Monday afternoon, sheriff’s spokesman Chip Washington said.

Judge Joe Brown rose to fame during his 15 years run on his syndicated reality TV show, “Judge Joe Brown”, based on court case arbitration. The show was cancelled last year.

Find out more about the judge’s case below.

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    Gosh I have watched his show he is obnoxious. Not surprised he seems like he has anger issues..

  • Hot mess.