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Attention Seeking Much? Madonna Is A Hairy Mess



There’s just some things you don’t do at any age. Hmmm like, showing off your hairy underarms. That’s just what Madonna, 55, did on Thursday (March 20, 2014). Not that anyone asked or even cared to see but the pop icon shared the above image with fans on Instagram with this caption, “Long hair…… Don’t Care!!!!!! #artforfreedom #rebelheart #revolutionoflove.”

We’re not sure what propelled the songstress to do so but we’ve pretty much summed it up to wanting attention A, being bored B, or both. Either way, next time Madonna please spare us the hairy details of what’s going on in your underarms. Thanks!

How about a challenge guys? Let’s try to say something nice….

(Photo: Madonna/Instagram)


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    This old hag needs to sit down