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Kim Zolciak & Sheree Whitfield Talk Nene Leaks & RHOA On WWHL



Former Atlanta housewives, Kim Zolciak and Sheree Whitfield, returned to Bravo, if only for one night, to chat with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live.

The ladies were eager to go down memory lane, discussing their time on the show, the new Atlanta housewives, Kim’s now extended family and whatever happened to Sheree’s She By Sheree clothing line?

Here’s some of what you may have missed:

Caller: How do you guys feel about the current housewives not challenging NeNe the way you guys used to when you were on?

Sheree: Well you know, um, I’ve only caught a couple of episodes and I, the few episodes I did catch I thought it was kind a bad. I thought it was uh, not good that these women they’re just kinda letting her talk to them any kind of way and I did, I did not appreciate that I did not like that.

Andy to Sheree: Do you think that you felt more comfortable with her because you had a ten year friendship with her? Sheree: I think that NeNe kind a knows who to challenge. I, I, I did watch the episode with Marlo and I know she talked about a NeNe and a NayNay, but I guess NayNay was out of town that day

Andy: Kim any thought on that? Kim: I think because we do have a history with NeNe we can challenge, she tends to get us madder than the normal person maybe that’s kinda what it was because we do know her so, she really get me to HEAR sometimes.

Andy: But you guys are good now?

Kim: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah

Now here are some highlights from the show:

Kim & Sheree Go Down Memory Lane

On Nene

Nene Calls In

What’s Up With She By Sheree



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