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Tyler Perry Reveals DNA Test Proved Abusive Dad Is Not His Father



Movie producer, writer and actor Tyler Perry has just dropped a bomb. During an interview at the 2014 Women’s Empowerment conference, Perry revealed a shocking family secret.

“I love my mother to death, but she lied to me,” Perry said.

Encouraging women to not lie to their children, Perry went on to explain the discovery that the man who raised him and that he thought was his biological father was not.

According to Fox NYC, “After his mother died, Perry had a DNA test with his brother. The test revealed they did not have the same father. Perry then took a DNA test with a man who raised him. The test confirmed that the man who caused Perry so much pain as a child was not his biological father.”

In a number of interviews, Perry has discussed the strained relationship with his “father” and man who raised him. He’s also revealed that he had been physically abused by him.

He is now searching for his biological father.


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