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Lamar Odom Quits Spanish Basketball Team



Lamar Odom, 34, has already parted ways with the Spanish basketball team, team Baskonia (a.k.a Labral Kutxa) he signed with just a few weeks ago.

Unfortunately Odom injured his back during only the second game with the team.

A rep for the team tells Us Weekly that the athlete left with their consent and will immediately seek treatment. “He will visit his doctors in New York who have treated him throughout his career in the States, to check with the medical tests and receive a second opinion about his back injury.”

It’s believed Odom will nnot be returning to Spain following his physical therapy treatment.

“If Lamar told me he would return, I’m not going to have the feeling he won’t,” adds team manager Sergio Scariolo.

“He wants to stay in L.A. and make sure [his back] gets better, because you don’t mess around with your back,” the insider tells Us. “He is going to get ready for the next playoffs now. Staying in Spain a bit longer would have made his back worse, so he was advised to come home. He wants to get healthy and really take care of his back with a doctor he trusts.”

The athlete flew out of Spain and Monday back to L.A. to begin treatment.

We wish the athlete a speedy recovery.


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