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Ladies Remember You Marry Him NOT His Money!



When most people decide to get married it should be for love. However, often times people marry for stability — financial stability. And although I understand the rationale here, and I partially agree, there’s a few problems with this strategy.

You can’t expect to marry someone bringing something to the table when you’re bringing a bag. Quite frankly, you’re a liability.

Ladies…please take notes.

As women, we often WANT to marry a man who’ll be financially stable that we CAN love. Being able to fall in love with a person with the total package is clearly the ideal scenario. And I completely understand. I don’t believe there’s anyone who wants to struggle financially. But let’s make one thing clear, it’s important to also have your own assets.

Porsha Williams just got a rude awakening when she was left empty handed following her messy divorce from Kordell Stewart (See HERE). The former NFL athlete, made one thing clear in his divorce proceedings, he was already established before ever meeting Williams and marrying her. Prior to her housewives gig and charity work, no one is quite sure what the reality star did to make her money. During the course of the marriage Williams was also a stay-at-home wife. After the marriage went south, can we blame Stewart for trying to protect his bank account?

The same can be said of Music Mogul and entrepreneur Master P and his estranged wife Sonya Miller.


After twenty four years together, Sonya Miller is reportedly on the brink of welfare since filing for divorce from her husband last October (See HERE).

As per TMZ, “Sonya Miller says she’s indignant because she helped Master P create one of the most successful labels in hip-hop No Limit Records — yet he has cut her off like a bad habit.

Sonya says things have become so desperate she had to move in with her adult son, Lil Romeo.

Master P hasn’t even responded to her divorce petition. The judge fined him $10K for ignoring the case, but he doesn’t seem to care.

Sonya explains in her docs she hooked up with Master P when he didn’t have a pot to pee in back in ’89. They started the label together, and when it exploded, they built an empire, which include clothing manufacturing, sports management, toy manufacturing, and film and TV production….

Master P is worth an estimated $200 million.

In Sonya’s divorce filing last year, she’s asking for spousal support and full custody of their four minor children. The couple have five children together including rapper and actor (Lil’) Romeo Miller.

The point I’m trying to make here ladies is, if you marry a man that is financial stability, and you’re not, that can’t be your only back up plan.

In the case of Mrs. Miller, it’s likely she’ll be financially compensated. Not only does she still have four minor children with the rapper and businessman but the couple were involved prior to his success. Mrs. Miller is also claiming to have helped to grow the businesses.

My only advice would be to get it in writing. We’re sure Mrs. Miller couldn’t have anticipated the demise of her marriage and a legal fight with her now estranged husband but unfortunately many women make this mistake. Ladies, if you’re helping your mate/spouse professionally you can’t assume you’ll be compensated for your efforts. Get it in writing. Your name should be listed on the official paperwork, even if you’re a silent partner.

Learn about his business/es, be knowledgeable about profitable investments, learn a trade and/or skill in the case things do go south, you aren’t solely depending on his money to get you through. It is important to be your own back up plan.

Ladies (and man) I’d love to here your thoughts on this article. Do you agree? Why or why not?

*The opinions expressed in this article are solely my own. It is not my intent to judge, ridicule or offend the parties mentioned here. – Toni*


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