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Frank Ocean Writes Chipotle A Check Signed “F**k Off”



It’s safe to say that Frank Ocean and Chipotle are not friends. Yesterday we told you that the singer/songwriter is currently at odds and being sued by restaurant franchise (See HERE). The tex-mex food chain is disappointed in the singer after he backed out of an ad campaign he was already paid to do.

In their official lawsuit, the restaurant franchise claims that Ocean backed out from the campaign after being paid $212,500 for contributing vocals for an upcoming commercial. They also claim that, only after the August 7, 2013 deadline, did Ocean inform them that he would no longer wanted to participate.

In the same documents, the singer claims he only backed out of the campaign because Chipotle misrepresented their intentions.

Although we can’t be certain whose wrong or right here, it’s clear, Frank just wants this over with. The artist shared an image of a check, on his official Tumblr page, in the amount of $212,500 to the restaurant franchise. It was signed “f**k off.”


If that’s not a clear message, we don’t know what else.

The day before, Ocean also shared a Wikipedia link to the word defamation — indicating just how he feels about the lawsuit and Chipotle’s claims.

It’ll be interesting to see whether the company continues on with the lawsuit.

We’ll keep you posted.

(Photos: Frank Ocean/Tumblr)


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  • To funny!

  • im sorry but that’s so disrespectful to the company

  • That is hella funny yo.

  • MrsGrapevine

    Frank Ocean is just as sensitive as Chris Brown, and so I’m sure if Chipotle went through the motion of filing a lawsuit, it’s because Frank Ocean didn’t do his part. All of these sensitive young men and this victim mentality.

  • KiaSoto

    he is too sensitive

  • twanatells

    Frank Ocean and Chipotle need to get it together

  • Frank Ocean mad or nah?