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Lindsay Lohan’s ‘Lindsay’ Docu-Series Premieres On OWN



Lindsay Lohan is back on television. ‘Lindsay,’ the actresses’ docu-seires premiered Sunday night and the show has got many talking. Unfortunately, it may not be in Lohan’s best interest.

The documentary left many in doubt on whether the actress has remained sober since her 90 days stint in rehab.

It also left many in doubt that she has the discipline and stability to get her career back on track.

“I’m in a really good place where I have this inner peace I’ve found,” said the actress at the beginning of the show while preparing to move from Los Angeles to New York.

The show then goes into a timeline detailing the actress’ long list of problems, from her run-ins with the law, jail stints and entering rehab between 2010 and 2013.

“I know this is my last shot at doing what I love to do,” said Lohan.

In New York, Lohan settled into a hotel as she looked for apartments and tried her best to dodge the paparazzi.

“I needed a change, I needed a fresh start, and I needed to be closer to my family,” she says of the cross-country move. “Life can be chaotic, but it’s keeping myself calm in the middle of that — which I didn’t do before and what I’m learning to do.”

The cameras also followed the former child star to mom Dina’s Long Island home. The two bonded as they went through Lohan’s things and discovered a diary from one of her earlier rehab stints.

“Having Lindsay moving back to New York was one of the happiest days of my life,” Dina told the camera. “Because I’ve been trying and trying and she finally listened.”

After turning down a trip to Venice, with the advice of her therapist, and refusing to go to an AA meeting because of the paparazzi, Lohan then discusses her time behind bars.

“They were just punishing me instead of trying to help me,” said Lohan, insisting that the judge and prosecution tried to make “an example” out of her in ways that didn’t make “sense.”

After finally finding an apartment, Lohan then complains about her realtor and a $10 million insurance policy as per her lease agreement.

“How can anybody have that?” Lohan exclaimed. “I’m not Oprah.”

Now in a hotel for 36 days, Lohan said “the most important thing at the end of the day is maintaining the things I need to maintain to stay sane.”

“But I’m here, and showing up, and I’m sober, and I’m dealing with it,” she told the camera.

On future episodes we can expect to see Lohan rebuild her career, fighting with her father Michael, and getting confronted by lady O herself.

Check out some previews below.

Dd you watch the premiere of Lindsay’s docu-series? CK readers what are your thougts?



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