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Chanel Fashion Show: From Runway to Supermarket


Screen-Shot-2014-03-04-at-1.20I don’t know how many of you wear your Chanel bags to the supermarket, but in Paris, that’s the norm!

Earlier today, Chanel held its fall-winter 2014 show at the Grand Palais (a historic site, exhibition hall and museum) . The brand’s Creative Director Karl Lagerfeld turned the location into a full fledged grocery store, equipped with food products that were all labeled Chanel, of course.

There was Chanel bread, Chanel ham and Chanel eggs–typical supermarket food stacked up on shelves around the runway. Instead of models just walking in a straight line down the runway, the Chanel ladies strolled down the aisles and filled their branded grocery baskets with food. Definitely not your typical fashion show!

Some of the models from this show include Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner, who both rocked longer coats and sneakers.

And you may wonder what happened to all the food…The guests looted part of the stage and took home some of the Chanel goods, which regardless of taste will definitely be valuable memorabilia! Singer Rihanna, model Joan Smalls and Delevingne were all seen playing around together after the show.

What did you think of the supermarket theme? Unique or not fitting for a fashion show?

Source: Chanel Facebook/Twitter

Author: Elise Englander
Follow her on Twitter: @EliseRachel_


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  • Latinesque

    I like the sound of a supermarket theme. Most of those women need to eat, some of them look sick! Lol Maybe a protein shake and donut with a fast food theme should be considered. By no means am I an expert at all just a quick thought. – Latinesque

  • KiaSoto

    nice theme love it, i wonder if bey is gonna be mad that rih has been hanging with joan smalls

  • twanatells

    Rihanna is so gorgeous

  • rihanna is goooorgeous! she needs to marry me. ahha

  • MrsGrapevine

    Rihanna always makes things look fun, the simplest of things seem more fun when she’s involved, well except for relationships.

  • Love it.