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Robin Thicke Wants Paula Patton Back


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Earlier this week, hearts were crushed and hope was diminished when longtime couple Robin Thicke and Paula Patton separated (See HERE). Although Thicke was spotted with other women on several occasions and on one particular occasion, grabbing a woman’s derrière; we managed to look past that and focus on the beautiful family. However, it seems as if Patton wasn’t able to look past that anymore.

Since the two have separated, TMZ.com has reported that Thicke is trying to win his wife back. Sources say that the 36-year old really wants to save his marriage and is trying to change Patton’s mind. After canceling several shows on his tour, the concert is back on tonight in D.C., but he doesn’t plan on partying afterwards like he usually does. The ‘Blurred Lines’ singer claimed he canceled the shows because he lost his voice—are we to believe he isn’t partying because he wants to impress Paula or because he wants to relax in preparation for the rest of the tour?

TMZ’s sources further explained Thicke’s position, saying that the singer is extremely worried about their son and doesn’t want him growing up in two separate homes.

Thicke and Patton met in high school and were married for almost nine years. Do you think Robin Thicke can convince Paula to take him back?

Source: TMZ

Author: Elise Englander
Follow her on Twitter: @EliseRachel_


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