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Ashanti Speaks On Competing With Beyonce



During a recent interview while promoting new album, ‘Braveheart,’ Ashanti was asked whether there had ever been rivalry between herself and Beyonce, considering the two ladies started their solo careers at the same time.

Although Bey had already attained success with ‘Destiny’s Child,’ in the early 2000’s, Ashanti was the leading lady in the Hip Hop and R&B world. In fact, she was doing better than Bey at the time.

“Everyone wants to be the best right? Who doesn’t? It’s a competitive business, but I was rooting for her,” Ashanti recalled. “I just think we did two different types of music. It was a friendly competition, from my end.”

Although some may think that Ashanti ruffled more than a few feathers when she made the comment, I have to agree with her. The ladies are two different types of artists. Comparing two artists who make the same kind of music, similar vocal ability, stage presence etc. would be a fair match up.

I also don’t believe she meant any disrespect or spoke ill of Beyonce.

However, I will say that at this point in the game who can you really compare to Bey? Although, I may never be inducted in the Beyhive because I don’t love everything Beyonce does, I think there’s really no other female artist who can do what she does and do it so well.

Let’s, for a second, put aside the endorsement deals, her influence, and the public perception of who she is. Are there better singers? Yes. Better performers and overall entertainers? I think not. You’ve just got to give it to Bey.

Nonetheless, Ashanti did break records and is successful in he own right. I wish her the best on her new album.

Braveheart is set for release on March 4th.

P.S.: Ashanti recently revealed that she’s funded the entire project, serving as both artist and record label. Kudos to her that is no small task.


(Photos: Ashanti/Beyonce/Instagram)


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