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Andrea Kelly Is Fierce, Fabulous & Flexible At Forty! (Photos)



The newly engaged Andrea Kelly is looking great these days. In fact she looks incredible!

Ms. Kelly is forty and fabulous hunny. Perhaps, in an attempt to look her best on her wedding day, Andrea recently shared some images of her killer body. Upon sharing the above image with her Instagram followers Andrea wrote, “Picture Perfect: Dance saved my life…..I AM a 40 year old dancer. Never give up on your #DREAM.”

She then shared another image in a full on split adding, “Focused on my future….. Always looking ahead! #DREAmer”


And upon sharing a third image she again added, “#Dance…..does the body good. MY PASSION”

Well, work it Ms. Andrea!

She’s truly giving “Hollywoos Exes” co-star Nicole Murphy a run for her money wouldn’t you say?

Here’s a photo of the other forty-something reality star by the way.


Wow, her body is amazing.

Andrea is currently engaged to a man by the name of Brian McKee. The couple is set to walk down the aisle in March (See HERE).

Looking fantastic Andrea keep it up.


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  • MrsGrapevine

    Andrea is strong and flexible, she is ripped. Appreciate her passion for dance.

  • She is flexible as hell. That looks like a wonderful night lol lol lol

  • HollywoodHiccups

    Holy crap she has an amazing body. WOW I would love to look like that..

  • Great post on Drea Kelly

  • You are crazy, lol.

  • These ladies are doing it in there 40s looking great. I wish my body looked like Drea’s she has it going on.

  • Yazmar

    Andrea really does look fab

  • mult!layer Cake

    she looks great! daym!