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Nene Leakes & Marlo Hampton Friends To Enemies (Video)



Nene Leakes is squaring off with another cast mate. This time, Leakes and Marlo Hampton are duking it out during a recent charity event for Cynthia Bailey‘s Bailey Bowl.

The event was suppose to be a friendly competition between friends but nearly turned into a brawl when Leakes and Hampton exchanged words.

The problem began the night prior during Peter Thomas‘ birthday celebration. Leakes, who arrived late to the event, was approached by Kenya Moore in an attempt to patch up their differences stemming from Moore’s botch charity event in Leakes’ honor.

To Leaks’ surprise, Kenya was joined by Marlo Hampton — her “BFF” and former bridesmaid. The union seemed odd to everyone, including Leakes, considering Kenya and Marlo hadn’t been friends prior to a previous group trip and wine tasting event.

Fast forward to the Bailey Bowl. Leakes had not invited Marlo (who thought she should have been invited) to take part in the festivities. In fact, Marlo again joined Kenya and her team in an attempt to beat out the competition and fellow housewives.

Too bad Marlo didn’t get the memo. Leakes wanted nothing to do with her, but to no avail, continued trying to get Leakes’ attention. As you can imagine, Leakes eventually loses her cool and the two women get into a nearly heated exchange.

Watch what happens below.

Was Leakes right for feeling betrayed by Marlo or was Marlo right for defending her new found friendship with Kenya Moore?


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  • Yazmar

    Nene dont want none of Marlo’s knife cutting skills

  • Your right NeNe don’t want none of Marlo

  • episode was so boring. nene was going off on everybody — shade for really no reason

  • MrsGrapevine

    NeNe has gone toe to toe with Marlo before, Porsha said last night that NeNe’s son Brent was there and she was trying to leave the situation because of her child, they didn’t show that part on the show. Y’all know NeNe is not the one to back down when she gets upset.

  • twanatells

    I think Nene was scared to go toe to toe with Marlo because I’ve never known Nene to walk away from a fight….

  • That was a hot mess. I can’t believe Marlo cried though.

  • When Marlo cried I felt sorry for her, but I don’t know if she was being sincere or an act.

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