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Idris Elba Is Not Sorry To Be Idris Elba



Earlier this week, a meme began floating around the net of a poem titled, “I’m Sorry I’m Not Idris Elba.” The poem was written by a man, fed up at his wife and women’s obsession with the British actor.

The poem begins with, “I’m just a regular man/ With a regular 9-5/That does regular things/ I’m sorry I’m not Idris Elba…”


The poem became so popular, word got back to the famous actor and he’s now responding to the poet.

On his official Twitter page, the actor tweeted the following message, “What can I say man…,” with an accompanying photo attached.

The image is of Elba with the words, “I’m Not Sorry I’m Idris Elba” scribbled on the lower half.


Ha! How clever of him. Straight to the point, wouldn’t you agree?

And who wouldn’t want to be Idris Elba?!

The 41 year old actor broke many hearts, last year, when it was announced he’s expecting his second child with girlfriend, Naiyana Garth (See HERE).

Congrats to the happy couple.

(Photos: Instagram)Twitter)


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  • I was dying at the tweets. There are men out there hurting they’re not Idris. But I’m not sorry he’s Idris either.

  • He should not be sorry for being his self. Great post

  • MrsGrapevine

    I’m not sorry that you’re Idria Elba either, bay-bee.