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“Thicker Than Water” Reality Star, Brooklyn Tankard, Arrested



Reality star Brooklyn Tankard, 25, has just been arrested. You may be familiar with Brooklyn from her appearance on Bravo’s “Thicker than Water,” alongside her family and famous dad Ben Tankard.

It seems Brooklyn will not be getting the “Mom of the Year” award. Tankard was arrested for
her 10-year old daughter’s excessive absents and tardiness from school.

Tankard was initially stopped by police in Murfreesboro, Tennessee for a traffic violation . Once her license was checked, police discovered that the reality star had some outstanding warrants — including one for “Failure to Cause Child to Attend School.”

“According to court docs … Tankard’s 10-year-old daughter, Diamond, had 16 unexcused absences from school … and had another 35 unexcused tardies,” reports TMZ.com.

Brooklyn was then arrested and placed in a county jail.

She was booked and later released.

This isn’t the first time Tankard’s parenting skills has come under fire. She was confronted by her dad and step-mom, Jewel Tankard, during an episode of the Bravo reality show.

At the time, she explained that her busy schedule from building a successful hair business had been what was keeping away from home for extended periods of time.

Something tells me this isn’t the last we’ll be hearing about Brooklyn’s questionable parenting skills. We’ll keep you all posted.


(Photo: Brooklyn Tankard/Instagram)


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