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Lil’ Kim’s Baby Daddy, Mr. Papers, Unveil Sex of Unborn Child



Someone’s sure in need of attention. Since her big baby bump reveal (See HERE), Lil’ Kim has been pretty quiet about the details surrounding her pregnancy. unfortunately, the same can’t be said about the alleged father and Kim’s off-on again boyfriend, Mr. Papers.

The dad-to-be discussed the details surrounding the baby’s gender during a recent interview with Rickey Smiley’s morning show. Here’s what the local New York City rapper had to say….

Yeah, that’s my baby…I don’t really wanna give that to the world yet, but we gon’ let y’all know soon though. Word. You know what I mean? We ain’t gon’ hold it too long…He gon’ be a Gemini though. You know what I mean? But I don’t really wanna give you all that information.

I’m curious to know what other piece of information is Mr. Papers and Kim holding on to?

Hmmm…he’s already admitted to being the father (see HERE) and now has unveiled the sex of the unborn child. He’s also hinted at the time the baby should be born. What else did we want to know?

Do you guys have any other questions, because, from where I’m sitting he’s already said a whole lot.

In case, you needed a better look at Mr.Papers, here he is….

Check out the full interview below.

Spotted: Twana Tells

(Photos: Mr. Papers/Instagram)


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